Wood Adhesives : an alternative to fossil resine by using soy flour Read  

Rodrigo Coniglio, Gonzalo Balbi, Camilo del Puerto, Carolina Spiess

Study of mechanical properties of adhesive formulations for the wood industry based on  Pinus elliottii tannins   Read

Alejandro Benítez, Paola Serrentino, Marcela Ibáñez

Thermal Modification  of Wood : changes in the structural polymers of the cell wall of Eucalyptus grandis   Read

Leandro Cantera, Andrés Dieste

Schematic proposal of a Strategic Plan in research to impulse the development of timber construction in Uruguay  Read

Laura Moya, Vanesa Baño

Structural feasibility of CLT panels made from Uruguayan pine from small logs  Read
Daniel Godoy, Vanesa Baño

Hydrotermal Liquefaction a  pathway to produce woody biomass biofuels Read

Carmina Reyes Plascencia, Néstor Tancredi

Productiion of bioethanol from eucalyptus sawdust using different pretreatments in a biorefinery approach  Read

Mairan Guigou, Florencia Cebreiros, María Noel Cabrera, Leonardo Clavijo, Mauricio Vique, Juan Guarino, Melissa Bariani, Florencia Risso, Norberto Cassella, Mario Daniel Ferrari, Claudia Lareo

Sustainable production of ethanol from switchgrass in Uruguay Read

Valeria Larnaudie, Mario Daniel Ferrari

Towards biodiesel biorefinery : glycerol valorization using immobilized bacteria Read

Magdalena Ripoll, Erienne Jackson, Lorena Betancor

Furfural production from rice husk      Read                                                                            

Melissa Bariani, Elzeario Boix, María Noel Cabrera, Norberto Cassella

Adding value to the Hemicelluloses of industrial Eucalyptus residues Read

María Noel Cabrera, Elzeario Boix, Verónica Rodríguez Quinele, Martina Constantin Quinteros, Norberto Cassella

Eucalyptus kraft lignin: some technical uses

Leonardo Clavijo, Rodrigo Coniglio, Leandro Cantera, Leonardo Bruno, Ignacio Oyarbide, Florencia Dotta, Felipe Rotondo, Ignacio Di Pascua, Stéphan Barbe, Norberto Cassella,  Andrés Dieste

Center of Reasearch and Development in Second Generation Biofuels  Read

Silvia Böthig, Fabiana Rey, Fernando Bonfiglio, Matías Cagno, Carlos Doune, Alvérico Banquerque, Carolina Noya, Nikolai Guchin

Regenerated Wood: A Novel Approach for the Resurrection of Wood Born Intelligence Read

Stéphan Barbe, Leonardo Clavijo,  Andrés Dieste

Study of the Production of Bioethanol from Switchgrass pretreated by Steam Explosion Read

Fernando Bonfiglio, Fabiana Rey, Matías Cagno, Silvia Böthig, Pilar Menéndez, Solange I. Mussatto

Circular economy: adding value to a pulp-mill’s residues. Read

Leonardo Clavijo, María Noel Cabrera, Lorena Echevarría, Luciana Costabel, Leandro Cantera, Rodrigo Coniglio, Maria Eugenia Formoso, Franco Cocchiararo, Mario Furest, Norberto Cassella 

Pulp industry by-products as soil amendments in Uruguay. Read

Amabelia del Pino, Jorge Hernández, Virginia Takata, Alan Yussim, Verónica Cuadro, Valeria Cejas, Gervasio Gonzalez, Valentina Vignola, Iván Grela, Carmelo Centurión, Ricardo Methol

Cleaner production as strategy to reduce environmental impacts and improve competitiveness in Uruguayan companies.

Silvia Lamela

Comparative analysis of the new Euro V trucks working for UPM forestry operations Read

Martín Tanco, Diego Moratorio