Plenary Session  


Opening words : Acad. Eng. Lucio Cáceres – ANIU

“The Economics and Politics of the Post-Financial Crisis Global Geography.With special focus in Latin America” Presentation

Dr. Ec. Ernesto Talvi – Uruguay  Read CV  See Photo

“General South American trends in Bioeconomy” Presentation
Agr. Eng. Luis Augusto Barbosa Cortez – Campinas University, Brazil Read CV  See Photo

“Who needs more plantations?“: it would discuss the dynamics of world markets for “traditional products” as well as the “emerging products & services of the bioeconomy” Presentation
For. Eng. MBA. Joao Cordeiro – Biorefining & Pulp Practice Area at Pöyry Management Consulting in Helsinki. Read CV   See Photo


 Forest plantations and sustainability
Chairwoman Acad. Eng. Rosario Pou Ferrari

The role of Forest Plantations in supplying the World’s needs of wood and fibre and the development of industrial forest plantations in Uruguay
Acad. Eng. Maria del Rosario Pou Ferrari  Presentation

Read CV  See Photo 

Sustainability of eucalyptus wood production in Uruguay Presentation
Eng. For. Diego Carrau Read CV

Eng. For. PhD Ricardo Methol Read CV See Photo 

Eng. For. Msc. Juan Pedro Posse Read CV

Eucalyptus genetic improvement in the world and sustainability: the example of Brazil    Presentation   

Eng. For. Msc  Teotônio Francisco de Assis  Read CVSee Photo

Sustainability of Plantation wood production in South East Asia Presentation
Bsc. PhD Christopher Harwood Read CV See Photo

The future of South American plantation forestry sector
Panel – conclusions

Engineered Wood Materials (EWM) as high value biomaterials
Chairman: Agr. Eng. Dr. Andrés Dieste Read CV   See Photo

«Supertall Timber: Functional Natural Materials for High Rise Structures»   Presentation                  
Dr. Michael Ramage – Dept. of Architecture, University of Cambridge Read CV See Photo

“Wood in Civil Engineering, advantages and new technologies” Presentation
Dr. Carlito Calil Jr., Prof. Of the Dept. of Structural Engineering, School of Engineering,University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Read CV  

“Natural adhesives in the wood industry” Presentation
Dr. Bruno Gorrini – Bioforest Arauco, Chile Read CV  

“Wood Industry challenge for Engineered Wood materials production” Presentation
Eng. MBA. Francisco Lozano, Arauco Read CV 

Project OPP VTT  Presentation  

Fernando Isabella. Director de Planificación – OPP

«Bioeconomy in Uruguay”
Panel – conclusions

Agriculture and sustainability
Chairman: Agr. Eng. PhD. Mario Allegri  Agronomists Engineering Association, AIA, (ROU) Read CV 

«Sustainable Agriculture: a global challenge”   Presentation
Agr. Eng. PhD Walter Baethgen IRI Columbia University (USA) Read CV

“Land-use change,  climate variability and agricultural sustainability in the MERCOSUR region”    Presentation
Agr. Eng. PhD Ernesto Viglizzo. CONICET, Academia Nacional de Agronomía y Veterinaria (Argentina). Read CV  

“Sustainability in agricultural production systems: lessons from long-term experiments” Presentation                                                                                                                                                         Agr.Eng. PhD Jorge Sawchik , Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria, INIA (ROU)  Read CV

«First step to design sustainable agricultural systems: how to measure sustainability” Presentation
Agr. Eng. Dr. Sebastián Mazzilli. Facultad de Agronomía, UdelaR (ROU) Read CV

«Agriculture and forests facing climate change. How to reconcile adaptation and mitigation?»  Presentation
Agr. Eng. Jean-Marc Guehl. UMR Silva, INRA, Université de Lorraine, AgroParisTech, Nancy, France Read CV

Summary Panel

Soil and Water sustainability under Agricultural and Plantations forestry use
Chairman Acad. Dr. Agr. Eng. Fernando García Préchac Read CV  See Photo

The Status of the World Soil Resources Report; main threats and recommendations Presentation
Agr. Eng. Dr. Miguel Angel Taboada – INTA, Argentina, member of the Intergovernmental Technical Pannel on Soils of the Global Soil Partnership de FAO. Read CV

Regulations of Soil and Surface Water Conservation in Uruguay Presentation
Agr. Eng. Msci Mariana Hill, Uruguay. Read CV See Photo

Effects of Plantation forestry on Hydrology of Watersheds in Uruguay Presentation
Civil Eng. Dr. Luis Silveira – IMFIA-Fing-Udelar. Read CV

Effects of Plantations forestry on soil physical and chemical properties in Uruguay.
Presentation Agr. Eng. Dr. Mario Pérez Bidegain  Soils and Water Department, Fagro-Udelar. Read CV 

Presentation Agr. Eng. Dr. Jorge Hernández – Soils and Water Department, Fagro-Udelar. Read CV  

Panel – conclusions

Engineering Education
Chairwoman Eng. María Simon, Dean of the Engineering School (UDELAR) See Photo

“Engineering Education for XXI»  Presentation
Prof. Jaime Domínguez Director of the Higher School of Engineers of Sevilla, Spain Read CV  See Photo

Recent New Degrees in Uruguay

“Forestal Engineering Degree»  Presentation
Dr. Diego Passarella Read CV

“Curriculum development of posgraduate studies on timber construction
for architects and engineers”  Presentation
Arch. Laura Moya Read CV– Eng. Dr. Vanesa Baño Read CV

Chemical products from renewable sources
Chairman Acad. Eng. Norberto Cassella Read CV SeePhoto

“Second generation biofuels in China”  Presentation
Prof. Tao Zheng Guangzhou – Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Science Read CV

“Biomass based Biofuel Emerging biological engineering and technology challenges”  Presentation
Prof. Purnendu Ghosh – INAE. Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur   Read CV

«Energy and biomass sustainability”  Presentation
Prof. Dr. Frank Behrendt – Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin) Read CV

“Biorefining: Engineering, Science and Economics” Presentation
Dr. Michael Ladisch – Laboratory of Renewable Resources, Engineering, Purdue University Read CV

“Alternative pulp fibers derived from Phoenix process”  Presentation
Eng. Tyler Campbell, Andritz Pulp & Paper Group Read CV See Photo

“Four product platforms, improved pulp properties, regenerated cellulose, lignin and biobase chemicals” Presentation
Dr. James Biasca, Country Manager, Biomaterials U.S. Operations Stora Enso Read CV  See Photo

“Conversion processes, biorefineries strategies for a sustainable bioeconomy” Presentation
Dr. Luiz Pereira Ramos – Chemistry Dept. Federal University of Parana, Brazil  Read CV

«Adding value to Biomass in a sustainable way” 
Eng. Eduardo F. Rodríguez Treskow – Celulosa Arauco, Chile Read CV

«Potential of Latin America in the production of lignin” Presentation
PhD. Tarja Tamminen – Scientist VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd   Read CV

Logistics and Information Technology

Acad. Eng. Luis María Rodríguez  Read CV                                               

Acad. Eng.PhD. Héctor Cancela Read CV

Logistics: an additional improvement or a fundamental pillar for the productive sustainability of Latin America  Presentation
Msc Civil Eng. Jorge Kogan – former Senior Advisor on Infrastructure at CAF, Development Bank of Latin America Read CV

Balance between efficiency, resilience and sustainability of infrastructure for development Presentation
Economist Ricardo J Sánchez – Senior Economic Affairs Officer in the United Nations. Chief Economist for Infrastructure and Ports at CEPAL. Read CV

“A systems engineering approach for a sustainable and high performing forest value creation industrial network”  Presentation
Eng. PhD, Luc Lebel – Director FORAC, Université Laval, Québec, Canada     Read CV

“Trends for advanced and sustainable logistics”  Presentation
Prof. Mikael Ronnqvist, Professor titulaire, Département de génie mécanique,
Université Laval, Québec, Canada Read CV

“Plant breeding for resistance to insects: how sensor technology and artificial intelligence contribute to sustainable crop production” Presentation

Dr. Lucas P.J.J.Noldus, Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation – AcTI Read CV

Sustainability and certification of forestry and industrial crops

Coordinator Acad. Eng. Edgardo Cardozo Read CV See Photo

”Certification Programs applied to forestry plantations. A successful experience: the case of Chile” Presentation

For. Eng. Dr. Hernán Cortes Salas, Chile Read CVSee Photo

”Certification Programs applied to forestry plantations and chain of custody : the case of Uruguay” Presentation

For. Eng. Dr. Gustavo A. Daniluk, School of Agriculture, Forestry Department, UdelaR   Read CV  See Photo

”Panel with representatives from the different sectors involved in forestry: farmers, industry, official sector, certification companies and consumer representatives.”

”Good agriculture practices and commercial certification crops Certification Programs. The case of Soybeam and B. carinata in Uruguay” Presentation

Agr. Eng. Natalia Marius, Uruguay. SGS, Uruguay Branch Read CV

Plenary Session

Academy and Industry Synergies
Chairman Acad. Eng. Javier Solari


Added value through Circular Bioeconomy      Presentation
Msc Chem Eng Esa Laurinsilta – UPM Strategic Partnerships and Technology Read CV See Photo

Academy                                                                                                                                                      From the laboratory to the industry:  A technology driven approach Presentation
Dr. Chem Eng Alex Berg – University of Concepcion Chile Technologic Development Unit Read CV See Photo

Government and Public Policies
Cr.Alvaro García Director, Planning and Budget Office (ROU) Read CV See Photo                         

Panel Academy, Industry and Government Synergies; discussion in respect of implementing circular economy.                                                                                             

Closing Ceremony

Closing words Acad. Ing. Lucio Cáceres – ANIU President


13 de Setiembre de 2018


En el marco de CAETS 2018, estamos organizando un encuentro de investigadores nacionales en la temática Biorrefinería. Comenzará con una conferencia a cargo del Dr. Luiz Pereira Ramos, profesor de la Universidad Federal de Paraná, y luego habrá una reunión de intercambio. La actividad finalizará con una visita a las instalaciones donde se encuentra el reactor de explosión a vapor, adquirido recientemente por el LATU en el marco de un convenio con ANCAP para el estudio de biocombustibles de segunda generación.

La etapa de intercambio se realizará mediante posters digitales, que deberán enviarse con anterioridad para cargarlos a las pantallas. Sugerimos incluir en estos el equipo de investigación, la temática desarrollada por el grupo, las capacidades e infraestructura que poseen, proyectos en ejecución, etc.


09:15 – 10:15 Conferencia del Dr. Luiz Pereira Ramos

10:15 – 12:00 Posters e intercambio

12:00 – 13:00 Visita a las instalaciones

Si bien esta actividad está enmarcada en el CAETS 2018, el acceso es libre.

Los esperamos el jueves 13 de Setiembre de 2018, en el Club del Expositor del Parque Tecnológico del LATU (Av. Italia 6201).

Rogamos confirmar asistencia a


14 de Setiembre de 2018



                        Chris Harwood & Teotonio Francisco de Assis

En el marco de las actividades de la Congreso Anual del Consejo Internacional de Academias de Ingeniería Tecnología y Ciencias (CAETS) , la Academia Nacional de Ingeniería de Uruguay (ANIU), con el apoyo de  UPM Forestal Oriental, Montes del Plata e INIA tendrá lugar una  Mesa redonda con la participación de dos reconocidos especialistas internacionales en Mejora Genética

14 de Setiembre de 2018 a la hora 9:00 en el Campus Interinstitucional de Tacuarembó

Chris Harwood PhD expondrá: Como integrar la mejora genética y el manejo del sitio forestal para una producción sustentable / Integrating genetic improvement and site management for sustainable production

Harwood ha trabajado desde el año 1987 al 2017 en el CSIRO en Australia, como Senior Principal Research Scientist, Christopher Harwood continúa como Honorary Fellow de esta institución, y es asesor del World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) en temas de domesticación de árboles forestales. Es autor de numerosos trabajos científicos y técnicos.

Teotonio de Assis MSc expondrá: Potencial de híbridos interespecíficos de Eucalyptus para enfrentar problemas bióticos y ábioticos en plantaciones forestales / Potential of hybrids for Biotic and Abiotic issues

De Assis es consultor internacional en mejora genética y clonación de eucalyptus, siendo quien introdujo la técnica de la miniestacas. Ha trabajado en grandes empresas forestales brasileñas como Acesita, Bioplanta, Riocell, Klabin y Aracruz.

Esa Laurinsilta MSc expondrá: Valor a través de la Bio-Economía / Value through Circular Bioeconomy

Laurinsilta es director de alianzas estratégicas en UPM Tienen una robusta experiencia en desarrollo e innovación en el negocio forestal así como en la comercialización de tecnología en una amplio rango de industrias vinculadas a las ciencias biológicas. Su foco actual se encuentra en oportunidades en torno a la bio-economía y el desarrollo de alianzas tecnológicas.

Luego de las exposiciones se abrirá un espacio para preguntas y discusión

La entrada es libre y gratuita

La conferencia será transmitida por video conferencia a Facultad de Agronomía

Descargar Afiche