CAETS is an independent nonpolitical, non-governmental, international organization of engineering and technological sciences academies, one member academy per country, that advances the following objectives:

  • Provide an independent nonpolitical and non-governmental international forum for enlightened dialog and communication of engineering and technological sciences;
  • Contribute to advancing engineering and technological sciences in order to promote economic growth, sustainable development, and societal well-being throughout the world;
  • Foster collaboration and the development of bi- and multilateral programs between the member academies;
  • Prepare science-based proposals in order to advise governments and international organizations on policy issues related to engineering and technology development;
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in the global engineering profession;
  • Promote ethics in engineering education, research and practice;
  • Contribute to continuous improvement and modernization of engineering education and practice internationally;
  • Foster a balanced public understanding of the applications of engineering and technology; and
  • Foster establishment of additional engineering academies in countries where none exist.


National Academy of Engineering, Argentina Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
 Royal Belgium Academy of Applied Sciences Canadian Academy of Engineering
 Chinese Academy of Engineering Croatian Academy of Engineering
 Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic Danish Academy of Technical Sciences
 Technology Academy Finland National Academy of Technologies of France
 German Academy of Science and Engineering Hungarian Academy of Engineering
 Indian National Academy of Engineering The Engineering Academy of Japan
 The National Academy of Engineering of Korea Academy of Engineering, Mexico
 Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences
 Slovenian Academy of Engineering South African Academy of Engineering, South Africa
 Royal Academy of Engineering, Spain Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
 Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences Royal Academy of Engineering, UK
 National Academy of Engineering of Uruguay National Academy of Engineering, US.