The next International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) Conference will take place in Montevideo

11th and 12th  September, 2018.

The theme of the meeting is Agroforestry Systems and Sustainability. The following covering topics were selected:

  • Cellulose and lignin from biomass (forestry and agricultural crops)
  • Applications for residues from agriculture, forestry and processing industries
  • Biotechnology and nanotechnology: biomaterial and biofuels
  • Timber construction
  • Teaching and training engineers for the bioeconomy

Under these premises, we call for papers for the sessions “Chemical products from renewable sources” and “Engineered Wood Materials (EWM) as high-value biomaterials”.

Abstracts, including title, authors, affiliation and a brief description of the proposed paper (300 words), will be received from February 15, 2018 to May 31, 2018.

Acceptance will be informed by June 30, 2018 and presentations will be received until July 31, 2018.

Format templates for papers and posters will be available at the web page.

1)Session: Chemical products from renewable sources

This session encourages papers on advanced products from biomaterials including lignocellulosic materials (wood, residues from agricultural and forestry and related industries) and broader sources such as household or municipal solid waste, and their mixtures.  Will favor generalist papers whose discussion centers on the alternative products/ processing pathways and the challenges faced towards making these as marketable products. Topics may include applications and economic analysis of lignocellulosic composites, bio-based plastics, value added products from lignin, pharmaceuticals, commodity chemicals and advanced fuels, among others.


2)Session: Engineered Wood Materials (EWM) as high-value biomaterials

This session focuses on the application of structural timber and EWM. Papers should be broad in scope, aiming to disseminate ideas and information for a multidisciplinary audience.

Suggested topics of interest are: wood products utilization and standards for construction e.g. multi storey timber buildings and seismic performance of large wood constructions; adhesives for the wood industry, strategies to protect large constructions from biological attack, wood modification, fire resistance, training of engineering and design capacities in the field, among others.